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2017-09-28 15:49:37

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2017-09-07 16:07:33

2017-09-04 16:18:31

2017-08-05 13:51:11

2017-07-24 08:08:33

Dear customers,<br><br>our EU domestic warehouse goes to vocation from 4th of August till 5th of September 2017!<br>Last orders in August will be shipped on 4th! Payments should be approved by that time! All orders placed after 4th of August will be shipped after 5th of September!<br>

2017-07-17 11:54:14

2017-06-26 07:20:10

Dear customers,<br><br>be aware that our EU domestic warehouse will have a pause with shipping from 4th of August till 8th of September. After 8th of September shippings continue as usual.<br><br>

2017-06-08 11:37:28

<p>Dear customers,</p> <p>our domestic warehouse with shipping from within Europe is working again!<br></p><br>

2016-06-29 07:52:47

Our new address is <a href="" target="" rel=""></a><br><br><br><br>

2016-05-23 18:11:31

Dear customers,<br><br>we temporarily cancel reshipping of seized orders to Scandinavian countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark. If you are from these countries and your order is seized, it will not be reshipped for free for the second time until our next announcement. <br>Sorry for inconvenience<br>. <br>

2016-04-07 17:31:52

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